Thursday, March 01, 2007

When a good day/yarn goes bad! (Is it as bad as I think?)

Yesterday, I received a call from a potential employer! I have been looking for a job as a Medical Sonographer for a really long time. I recently passed my last exam to become a Registered Diagnostic Sonographer and things are starting to look up. The gentleman was calling from a company that does short term (13 week) travel assignments. They have amazing benefits and this would be the perfect way to get my resume the on thing it lacks – actual work experience as a Sonographer.
Today started out fantastic. I got my March yarn from the Sundara Yarn Petals Collection, and it is striking. It is based on the Bird of Paradise flower and I was really excited. Then with Dan acting as my swift I was actually able to wind the skein without any terrible knot wads. Then the gentleman from yesterday called and said that he had an assignment that was interested in me and he would be calling back in about an hour for a phone interview!!!
I was so happy! I wanted to be ready for the call so after doing a little research on the assignment I sat at the kitchen table – knitting with my new yarn. I decided to give the Fuego Socks that I saw on Chante’s blog.
How could this day go bad?
#1) I never got the call. I waited all day, doing nothing but waiting and knitting. I am very confused. I can only assume that if something sounds too good to be true or too many things seem to be going your way ….. the call may just not come in.

But why did my sock have to turn out like this?

I decided from the moment that I saw the yarn that I was going to use the yarn to make socks for myself. In honor of the colors they were going to be my "Austin Powers Socks". I guess I just should have stuck with the broken rib pattern that came with the yarn.

Please let me know what you think - I will have a prize for the person who can make me laugh the hardest at all of today’s possibility turned disappointment.


Harlem Purl said...

Awww. I'm sorry your day did a total 360. That's soem crazy pooling going on in your sock. I find that with the hand painted yarns, it's best to keep it simple. Let the colors do all the work, know what I mean.

You just reminded me. I still have to cast on for the second one. Maybe after I finish a couple more WIP's.

Amy said...

you can always move out to Doha and make some serious bank here taking pictures of people's insides. I saw my friend's sonogram the other day, pretty freaking awesome. I don't think you'd like it too too much here though, because they don't have knitting stores,at least not one I can find
but I love you, and I hope that cheers you up

Rosi G. said...

Heyyy! there's absolutely nothing wrong w/that sock! you'll have vertical stripes! looks like a green apple jack on one side and a pink one on the other! hehehehehe

don't forget that they'll be a contest on my blog, too, for the first 6 pairs of finished Fuegos.

Thanks for knitting them!