Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Knitters, Crocheters, and Spinners rejoice!
New Haven has a beautiful new yarn shop!

It's so new I able to snap this picture of their sign being put up on my way into the shop.

What I loved about Knit New Haven:

This wall:
A wonderful selection of primarily high yardage worsted weight yarns. At first I thought it was all Cascade 220, and was delighted to realize that they also have Berroco Ultra Alpaca. I love both of these yarns. The various colors of Cascade 220 make me think it is time for a felting project.

#2) More yarn to explore:

Since I was looking for sock yarn I did not explore all of the other yarn. I am so excited to have a local yarn shop that is worth exploring!

I purchased two balls of a subtle self-striping yarn. I was looking for a yarn that Gale, a fellow New Haven Stitch and Bitcher, had mentioned. However, I could not remember the name.

As I was leaving the shop I stopped to take a picture of the lovely little spot at the front of the shop.

And there it is! The yarn that I was looking for is in the bowl on the table.

I returned the other yarn (sorry I cannot remember what it was), and bought this skein. I was catching up on Cast-On the other day and Brenda was describing this yarn she bought at fiber festival. I just couldn't picture what she was talking about. When I got home and took this picture I realized that this was the yarn Brenda had been describing. I cannot wait to go to Stitch and Bitch tonight and see how it knits up. I am going to do a simple stockinette sock and enjoy the yarn.
(Did you notice the spinning wheel by the chair? Julia spins. They are going to have a drop spindle class in the new year - and plan on offering wheel classes as well.)
Congratulations to everyone at Knit New Haven - you have a beautiful shop!
They also have a ravelry group:

Knit on Knit New Haven!