Wednesday, December 03, 2008

A New Look .... For A New Start

Hello out there ...... to anyone who may remember that I used to blog. I needed to step away for a while, .... and then just a little longer .... and now - dramatic pause - flip of the hair (okay, I have short hair) - so - glasses pushed firmly onto bridge of nose with right pointer finger -
I have to admit that I have not been knitting much over the past months either. I am now making progress on the needles. I have a pair of socks in one of my favorite patterns in one of my favorite sock yarns. Since they are a gift that is all I can say about that until they have been given.
I have also made quite a bit of progress on The Cardigan For Allena (which is exactly like the Cardigan for Arwen - but that isn't my name). The only thing holding up completion is all if the Kitchener Stitching .... and the sleaves which were knit long ways with short-row shaping - this is the ONLY time I may be minimally grateful to have petite arms. However, I absolutly must have it completed by THE knitting event of the season - The Sit 'n' Knit New York City Holiday Party!
Speaking of which there is obviously something in the works from my stash for the gift swap. Oh, it is tons of fun, read all about it here. Anne-Marie is so good at explaining things where they still sound fun after all of the details. I highly recommend this style of exchange for any knitting get together swap.
I am working on a very special project right now. More about these very special hand warmers later.