Thursday, September 27, 2007


Every now and again something happens - and even while it's happening - I think - THIS IS BLOGGABLE.

WARNING: This story will be told "Allena Style" - A 15 second interaction will be drawn out with (a lot) of "interesting" but unimportant information. I feel the need to write a warning, but there is a reward if you make it to the end!

Last Saturday unexpected rain set the stage for a small impromptu knitting with the group that I knit with, Sit 'n Knit New York. I was the first one to arrive at 590 Atrium, and was minding my own business, and truly LOVING what I was knitting.

Details of what I was knitting are necessary here so that you understand how much I was enjoying myself.

The Yarn: Dream in Color Smooshy Sock Yarn in "Happy Forest". I bought this yarn from Wool Girl as my reward for finishing my 154th Monkey Bag and starting My Hiatus. It feels great, has amazing subtle hand dyed variations that give it amazing depth, and kicks Colinette Jitterbug's sorry little skein with 450 yards. I LOVE this yarn.

The Pattern: Embossed Leaves from Favorite Socks. I have been wanting to knit these for a while now and what could be better than Embossed Leaves in Happy Forest.

The Cast On: I came to the realization that due to my flat feet, socks with short row heels do not fit. This realization came with the desire to find a cast on that I liked for cuff down socks. I found THIS (f-bomb)ing tutorial for a magical tubular cast on. In order to work it in the round, I just joined the provisional cast on and worked 4 rows of purling in the round. Knitters - just knit the little tutorial. It will blow your mind!

Since I was waiting for other knitters, I was probably looking around more than I normally would, but I was really enjoying working the cast on of the second cuff. (I had placed the first aside so that I could work the socks two at a time using magic loop.)

(Oh, Penelope, I know I said that you were crazy to knit from both ends of your yarn ball when knitting socks two at a time, but I was wrong - you are brilliant. Working from both ends is so much better than two separate balls!)

All of a sudden a voice from behind me says, "You shouldn't be knitting right now, you should be on a treadmill."

I turn around to see a slightly older than middle age man sitting at a table behind me. Sitting with his feet up on a little plastic stool (that he must have brought with him), and an Amigo type vehicle parked behind him.

"Excuse me?" I squeaked.

He repeated himself. "You shouldn't be knitting right now, you should be on a treadmill."

Then I said something lame like, "Well when I work out I work out, but right now I am knitting."

And he felt the need to keep talking and said, "Well, Just as long as you do both."


The first thought that went through my head was, "But I don't have any rhythm. I'm not like Penelope (who knits on the exercise bike). I can't do one thing with my hands while my feet are doing something else." (Which is something I will have to work on to learn to spin!)

Next, this thought screamed in my head:
"Who the f-bomb do you think you are talking to (fill in your favorite expletive here). This is New York City and I am knitting with Knit Picks Nickel-Plated Fixed Circular Knitting Needles - in Size 2. This admittedly chubby girl that you are saying weird a$$ $hit to is holding two very sharp sticks!"

Then I thought, "Bloggable, totally bloggable!"

But I was way to excited to get to the part of the cast on where "the magic happens" that I could be bothered. My knitting saves lives!

Oh, and of course, I told everyone who showed up to knit the story. Tawana gave a great summary of our time knitting together - with pics.

I am getting film developed tomorrow (you remember film - it's what you have to use while your digital is on the fritz) and then there will be pics of the Bohus' progress and surgery - and my misadventures during the first night with my wheel.

If you read this entire post, and post a comment of what you would have said, I will give you a one dollar bill the next time I see you. (I will be at the Spin Out this Saturday and Rhinebeck for the Saturday). Ask Anne-Marie, she'll vouch for me, your will get a whole dollar!

Oh, and as far as I know, even though I haven't been able to make my big announcement yet, doesn't mean I won't be able to make it ..... soon I hope. GRRRRR to slow HR Departments!

Saturday, September 22, 2007


How is this for a small knitting world:

Nicole, an awesome girl I knit with, went to Austin, TX.

I told her to check out The Knitting Nest. A new shop that literally just opened. I know about the shop because the AWESOME owner Stacy, bought 10 of my bags to sell in her shop.

Nicole went to the shop and took this picture: Those are my bags! In a shop, surrounded by some really nice looking yarn. Nicole bought the lime polka dot one (hiding in the back). Assuming that Stacy is displaying all of the bags that she bought - that means that at least 6 have sold!

Mama's so proud!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Birthday Post!

Today, September 15, is my 30th Birthday!

I had a wonderful lunch with my knitting friends and then saw Across the Universe with my roommates. As a thritysomething, single woman I would like to say that there is much more you need in this world than love - like great knitting friends for instance.

I will have some BIG news in a few day - along with a new blog to chronicle my adventures as The Sinister Spinster! (I got THIS wheel for my birthday!)