Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Paradise Found!

After several horrid starts I have found the perfect pattern for the Bird of Paradise Yarn (Sundara Yarn Petals Collection - Feb.)!

The color repeats are working absolutely perfectly. If you look closely you can see that the crossed over slipped stitches maintain the same color across the row. These rows are also repeating in the same order. I think it is perfect.

I bought the pattern from Amelia Raitte of My Fashionable Life. It is part of a set of three. I recommend getting the set – all three patterns are great. What I have knitted here is the Badcaul. I tried the Nautalis, but the yarn is too busy. The sock is knit toe-up with a short row heal. This is the first toe-up sock that I knit – I like the pattern so much that I have used it as my template when converting leg-down to toe up. Below two useful links for casting-on.

1) Tutorial for cast-on using 2 circulars: Turkish Cast-On
2) Tutorial for cast-on using 4 double point: Cyber Socks

Let me know if you want my trick for avoiding the horrid whole that often occurs as the join in heel and instep stitches on a short row heel.


tiennie said...

Great start on the BoP! I love this yarn.

Necia said...

Badacul moves fast, so plan on having an fo soon. I love the yarn you chose for it too!