Saturday, June 30, 2007

Of course there's a story...

... there's always a story. This one ended with me returning to New York today. I think this post card I got at the airport on my way home sums it up for now: There are some really good bits to my time in Richmond, most involving yarn and knitting ... I will fill y'all in real soon, ya here - ma'am.

Sunday, June 17, 2007


An empty martini glass, his favorite "desert" cat on your shoulder , and a Country Curtains Catalogue .... That's My Dad!
If I can every manage to explain to him what a blog is maybe he will visit someday. He looks good for 72, but has only just learned how to use the frog (what the rest of us call a mouse).

Friday, June 15, 2007

Even bigger news!

Today I became an aunt for the second time! Both Mommy and baby are doing fine, oh and my brother the Dad is also well. Ashley Nicole was born at 12:43 p.m. She weighs 7 lbs and 8 ozs. and is 19 inches long.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Whoo Hooo!


I GOT A JOB TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's an 8 week travel assignment at Bon Secours, St. Mary's in Richmond, Va.

I am replacing an employee who's last day is next Friday. I want to get there as soon as I can to have as much time training with her as possible. However, there is a lot to do, between now and when my flight leaves JFK at 9:05 AM on Tuesday.

1) Tomorrow I am getting a FED EX am delivery of a package which will include numerous forms to sign (one even needs to be notarized), and specimen collection containers. I will have to fax certain forms along with photocopies of CPR certification and ARDMS ID card. All original forms need to be sent back in a return FED EX envelope.

2) Take the PATH to Hoboken get on the 1:10 PM train to Middletown, NY. My mother is picking me up and taking me to a Doctor's office in Monroe to fill the specimen containers so that a lab can confirm that I have all the necessary titers and that even though I blog while intoxicated I don't do drugs. And have a PPD planted to make sure that I don't have TB.

3) Witness the birth, okay, no, be in the same building while my sister has a scheduled C-section. I am going to be an aunt again earlish Monday morning. My sister-in-law's one request is that John (nephew extraordinaire - soon to be BB - shoot I need to find him the t-shirt) be the first one to see the new baby! Well, firstish. I think this is super sweet.

4) Go back to the Dr's office on Saturday (yes they are open on Saterdays) to have the PPD read to make sure I don't have TB.

5) Go back to the city and ......

It's going to be a freak show - with me as the main attraction. Don't be surprised if you don't hear from me until I am in Richmond.

Oh, but look what I found on Yahoo yellow pages!

That's right 4 knitting shops in Richmond alone.

And fabric, check this out!

Yep, 16 fabric stores, in Richmond!

Of course I have my priorities in order! Right now I am blogging while drinking this:


Okay, I do need advice on what is the best way to get my sewing machine to Richmond. I am thinking I might have to carry it on! Advice?

To all of my New York knitting buddies ... I will miss you all. If my apartment/long-term hotel has a top loading washing machine - the felting IS ON!