Wednesday, December 13, 2006

How To Prank a Two Year Old

For my nephew's second birthday I knit a snake puppet. Anne-Marie from Sit 'N Knit New York, the group I knit with, suggested I make a companion and they would make great mittens. I felt that they would just be too big so I took my needles down two sizes and made matching mittens. I called it "The mama snake and her mittens".

The first thing that you need to know about my nephew is that he is obsessed with trucks and tractors. We were reading a book together recently and I was amazed when he pointed to a Cement Mixer and said, "Cement Truck!" When I found wrapping paper with Tonka Trucks on it I thought that it was perfect. I couldn't find a card that I liked so I just cut out a cement truck and Modge Podged it to a piece of card board.

I was so excited that when it was time to open presents he chose mine first?
He tore off the paper, threw out the tissue paper bundle holding the mama snake and her mittens, and turned the bottom of the box upside down. When his mom tried to show him the snakes he just shook his head and said, "NO! CEMENT TRUCK!" I felt like the worst Aunt in the world. Of course the kid thought that was on the outside of the box was going to be on the inside - isn't that usually the was it works? It would be like a significant other handing you that little black box and there being a pizza inside! I have already redeemed myself and ordered a Cement Truck for Christmas.